Miller’s Infamous Lords are back and she once more adds her special brand of humor, delightful characters and a bit of suspense to the mix. Readers will enjoy the well-drawn backdrop, the hero’s multi-layered character, two charming children, meddling servants and even a rather unusual money lender — all of whom keep the plot moving and the pages flying. It is the charm of the characters and the light-hearted yet thoughtful plot that enchants readers.

When portrait artist Emma Trafford’s sister spies on their new neighbors and believes she’s seen a murder, she attempts to find evidence of the crime by breaking into the house and Emma follows. Simon Marlton, Viscount Adler, nabs the intruder, but the maddening woman he kisses gets away and even steals his signet ring. Simon suspects she is his neighbor and to uncover the truth he hires her to paint his portrait. Though Emma has reason to be wary of men, she is drawn to Simon and his delicious flirtation. Emma has no idea Simon is an aristocrat or she would never fall in love. Simon finds her refreshing and realizes he is a better person around her. However, how can Emma tell him she has his ring without destroying their growing love or prevent him from coming after her when she walks into danger? (ZEBRA SHOUT, Jun., 336 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin