Image of Night Fall (Secret Histories)


Image of Night Fall (Secret Histories)

The final book of Green’s Secret Histories series is also the final adventure for characters from his Nightside series. Lacking in humor, this outing is a decidedly dark adventure with death and war consuming almost everyone involved. The worldbuilding is once again meticulous, but in an environment where nothing stays the same for very long, readers can be forgiven for any confusion they feel. With the first chapter set in the Nightside, readers may wonder if they’ve mistakenly picked up the wrong book. The third-person narrative is appropriate, but the cast of characters is almost too much for readers to keep track of.

When the boundaries of the Nightside suddenly expand, the family matriarch sends Eddie Drood and Molly Metcalf to investigate. Attacked by a devouring house, Eddie must armor up, which alerts Walker John Taylor that the Droods have violated a long standing pact not to interfere in the dark. Despite Eddie’s attempt to reason with the matriarch, she sets a course toward war and brings Drood Hall to the Nightside with the entire family to invade. While Eddie and John do their best to investigate what’s going on, the war drags on, bloody and deadly on both sides. Only after they realize that an unknown third party has been manipulating both sides can peace be resolved. (ACE, Jun., 464 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice