Image of No Control (Delta Force)


Image of No Control (Delta Force)

Both protagonists in Butcher's complex
new suspense tale
are burdened with guilt that at
times messes with their better judgment. This second outing provides ample evidence that Butcher is on
the fast track to becoming a major presence in the romantic suspense genre. Chilling plotlines and layered characters add serious punch to
this thriller!

Being the only survivor of a terrorist kidnapping has left Lana Hancock with nightmares and survivor's guilt. Figuring in those nightmares is the man Lana first knew as Miles Gentry, one of the terrorists. Although he did not stop the torture or beating inflicted on her, he did save Lana's life, for "Miles" was really undercover Delta Force operative Caleb Stone. The last thing Caleb wants to do is cause Lana more pain, but when word surfaces about the reconstituting of the terrorist group, the CIA thinks Lana could be a target. Although she no longer hates Caleb, she wants nothing to do with him or the CIA.

But a vicious woman bent on proving herself may force the issue. (FOREVER, Feb., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith