Image of Like No Other Lover (Pennyroyal Green Series)


Image of Like No Other Lover (Pennyroyal Green Series)

Long deftly combines well-crafted characters, sensuality, touches of humor and emotional introspection in this compelling love story.

Close to becoming destitute, and with scandal nipping at her heels, Cynthia Brightly vows to find a wealthy husband at the Redmonds' house party. Miles Redmond, explorer, naturalist and heir to the Redmond fortune, has a duty to his family to marry the woman his father has chosen for him. Behind the spectacles he wears, he's an observer. He's heard the gossip about Cynthia.

Though she finds three possible suitors at the party, it's Miles who intrigues and infuriates her. One kiss unleashes a passion that neither can ignore. Will Miles listen to his heart, or will duty to his family overcome his feelings for Cynthia, the only person who truly understands him? (AVON, Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond