Image of No Regrets (Delta Force)


Image of No Regrets (Delta Force)

The fight against terrorism can be very bloody, even for those on the sidelines. A promising new talent who wastes no time getting gritty has just joined the romantic suspense world. Powerful emotions and uncomfortable choices permeate this intense story of two people finding each other under terrifying circumstances. Butcher is a first-rate find!

Because of her parents' history as scientists, cryptologist Noelle Blanche has a firm rule about not working for the military. Although she's refused to take a code-breaking assignment from the military, that doesn't stop the vicious terrorist group called the Swarm from going after her. Former Delta Force operative David Wolfe left the service following his wife's brutal murder by the Swarm. David thought he had eliminated all the members, but it now seems they have regrouped.

After stopping an abduction attempt on Noelle, David is charged with keeping her safe. The government is offering a chilling choice: Either help them break the code before the Swarm does, or they will have to eliminate Noelle before she falls into enemy hands. Trapped in a world she tried to avoid, Noelle has few options.

She knows she's taking a chance trusting David -- here's hoping that it pays off. (WARNER, Feb., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith