Long-time fans of Singh’s outstanding Psy-Changeling series have been waiting for Bowen Knight, security expert and the leader of the Human Alliance, to get his story — boy was it worth the wait! This reviewer is continually impressed by Singh’s ability to create rich and complete worlds that leap off the page. The fact that she is just as expert in creating living, breathing characters makes her truly one of the best storytellers in the business. Up until this point in the series, the human experience has been the least developed, but with Bo’s tale, their importance to the success and stability of any future world is explored. Another outstanding entry in this phenomenal series!

Bo Knight has fought for his people and taken major risks in an effort to find a way to protect them from Psy mental aggression. Unfortunately, the microchip they hoped would block telepathic interference has turned into a ticking time bomb in its recipients’ heads — with Bo’s being the most likely to fail first. When Bo is shot in an assassination attempt, his sister Lily gives a secret okay to have his body taken by the mysterious and secretive ocean changelings for an experimental procedure. Bo’s life is saved, but there is still the problem of the failing chip. Kaia Luna is the deep sea station’s chef, but she also has a background in science. Kaia is drafted by her cousin Dr. Atalina Kahananui to try to save Bo and stabilize the failing chips. However, Kaia has mixed feelings, for according to her now missing friend Hugo, Bo is responsible for the disappearance of some of their people. Bo is captivated by Kaia and determined to find out who is really behind the changeling disappearances. With the clock running down on him, can Bo uncover the truth before it is too late? (BERKLEY, Jun., 416 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith