Image of One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Heartstrikers Book 2)


Image of One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Heartstrikers Book 2)

If you love dragons, as well as witty urban fantasy laced with humor and danger, then Aaron’s terrific Heartstrikers series is an absolute must-read! One Good Dragon Deserves Another is the followup to the fantastic series starter, Nice Dragons Finish Last, which begins the saga of Julius, the youngest son of cunning and heartless matriarch dragon Bethesda the Heartstriker. Poor Julius is still failing miserably at being a typical bloodthirsty, vicious and backstabb- ing dragon, but ironically, he may be their only hope. Aaron is a truly exceptional storyteller, so do not miss out on this wild and astonishing ride!

Although he remains stuck in theDetroit Free Zone (DFZ), where dragons are not allowed, and he is still unable to shift into his dragon form, Julius has gotten a bit happier, largely due to his new business partnership with human mage Marci Novalli. Sadly, that happiness is short-lived, as his mother plans to make use of Julius’ new connection to some longstanding Heartstriker enemies. But even more disturbing is the news that, according to Seer Bob, a number of Heartstrikers’ futures are inexplicably disappearing from the timeline — and it may be up to Julius and his unconventional ways to save dragonkind. (RACHELAARON.NET, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith