Image of One Potion in the Grave (A Magic Potion Mystery)


Image of One Potion in the Grave (A Magic Potion Mystery)

Blake is unstoppable! She crafts a story that pulls readers into the book as if they are part of the cast. The characters are so real and the situations so well written that readers will have a hard time putting this book down. Add in the quirky townspeople and Carly’s three aunts, the Odd Ducks and you have a funny take on them solving the mystery.

Carly Bell Hartwell is shocked when her childhood friend, Katie Sue Periwinkle, comes in to her store. Katie Sue, now Dr. Kathryn Perry, has not stepped foot in Hitching Post, Ala., in 20 years. The reason for her return is a mystery to Carly — especially since the town is hosting a huge celebrity wedding. The Calhoun family is a political force in Alabama, and their son is getting married in Hitching Post. When Katie Sue dies of an apparent fall off a cliff, Carly is the first to suspect foul play. Strange things begin happening in the town and Carly must find the person responsible before she is next to be silenced. (OBSIDIAN, Oct., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson