Image of Only for You (Sugar Lake)


Image of Only for You (Sugar Lake)

Foster’s latest is a steamy yet touching romance with plenty of affectionate, amusing moments that will engage readers from the start. Her modern storytelling is filled with heartfelt scenes steeped in emotion. Genuine, relatable characters, including a lovable little boy and a rambunctious dog, all set within a quaint small town makes for an appealing read. Super-sexy, tough, thoughtful alpha hero Bodhi mixes well with the strong, nurturing, tenderhearted heroine Bridgette, and their blazing chemistry heats up the pages. Fans of Foster will not be disappointed.

Single mom and flower shop owner Bridgette Dalton fights hard to avoid her sinfully handsome next-door neighbor, special operator Bodhi Booker, who stirs up unwanted desires within her. However, the intense attraction between Bodhi and Bridgette makes that impossible. One night, while dancing at her sister’s party, Bridgette and Bodhi officially acknowledge the simmering attraction that lies between them. However, Bodhi can’t make any commitments, not with his dangerous career that takes him away on covert missions, and Bridgette’s main focus is her young son Louie. Both agree that their heated romance will not be permanent. Yet things become complicated, as Bodhi seems to be just the perfect fit for Bridgette, and Louie’s connection to Bodhi deepens. Bodhi realizes quickly that he can’t stay away from this woman he’s passionate about, or her son, whom he adores. So Bridgette and Bodhi follow their hearts, not sure of what the future will bring. (MONTLAKE, Dec., 256 pp., $12.95) 
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Melanie Bates