Image of The Pages of the Mind (The Uncharted Realms)


Image of The Pages of the Mind (The Uncharted Realms)

Newcomers should start with The Twelve Kingdoms trilogy to fully appreciate the exceptional skill involved in creating such depth of character and such fully realized worlds, all of which is continued here. One exceptional aspect of Kennedy’s writing is that female characters possess admirable inner strength, along with a strong sense of loyalty, and Dafne is no exception. Despite a communication barrier, the connection with Nakoa is immediate and intense, so it’s only fitting, and slightly ironic, that Dafne falls in love using the languages of the body along with the mind. Dafne and Nakoa’s story is captivating, passionate and magical, perhaps the best so far. Readers will clamor to learn more about The Uncharted Realms.

Long ago, King Uorsin killed Dafne’s family and forced her to be a ward of the crown, so she used her education and knowledge to help his daughters succeed in destroying him. Now, the Kingdoms are united under his eldest daughter, the High Queen Ursula, and her consort Harlan. Amidst the chaos of restoring order, Harlan’s brother Kral arrives with news that an island nation, along with several ships, has been trapped within the expanding barrier that once separated Annfwn from the rest of the kingdoms. Dafne is charged with traveling on a diplomatic mission to Nahanau to meet with King Nakoa KauPo in hopes of securing a peace ... and finds a magic she never dreamed possible. (KENSINGTON, Jun., 432 pp., $9.95)

Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty