Paranormal Book Reviews

Every year the Krael Empire requires each of the villages to send a woman to the capital to be burned alive as tribute in the annual Rites of Sprin... Read More

Image of Danger's Cure: Holly Danger Book 4 (Volume 4)

Holly and the gang are still desperately searching for a way to cure people of the scourge of Plush addiction. Their only lead at this point is try... Read More

Image of Ocean Light (Psy-Changeling Trinity)

Bo Knight has fought for his people and taken major risks in an effort to find a way to protect them from Psy mental aggression. Unfortunately, the... Read More

Bronko knew full well, even after destroying their arch-enemy at Gluttony Bay, that they had not seen the last of Allensworth. Now that he has re... Read More
Image of Venom in the Veins: An Elemental Assassin Book

Gin and her foster brother, Finn Lane, are out having a lovely dinner with Finn’s boss, Stuart Mosley, the President of First Trust Bank. Mosley is... Read More

Laytham Ballard has lost almost everything, from his shadow to his soul to his position in the Nightwise, a secret order of powerful mages devote... Read More
Image of Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels)

It has been a little over a year since Kate gave birth to her son, Conlan, and thankfully during that time she and her father Roland have been exis... Read More

Image of Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon: A Novel of the Embraced

Gwennoreis an elf. Although she is used to being feared, she only wants to find her place in this world and be of help. Her gift to discern illness... Read More

Image of The Big Alpha in Town

In “Bearing His Name,” bear shapeshifter Ark has found his mate. He knows this as soon as Jade opens her door, but Jade thinks Ark is the father of... Read More

Image of Guardian's Bond (Ancient Ink)
After 50 years and the near decimation of his clan, Priest Rahandras isn’t expecting to find his mate at all. But a Volán male recognizes his fat... Read More
Image of Shadow Keeper (A Shadow Riders Novel)

Frustrated that he currently can’t ride the shadows, Giovanni is stuck making sure the public and media is focused on him, while other family membe... Read More

Image of Wolf's Mate: A Paranormal Shifter Romance (Shifter Rogues)
Accountant and cougar shifter Abby Carter is working on an assignment auditing the FosCo company when she makes a frightening discovery. Abby lea... Read More
Image of Worlds Apart (Warriors of Risnar Book 2)

As army veteran Anneliese Thompson walks to her truck parked in a store parking lot, a spaceship arrives. On it is Nex, a scientist from the alien... Read More

Image of The Morcai Battalion: The Pursuit
Captain of the Imperial Guard Mekashe is on his way home from a meeting after being ordered to take some much needed downtime. With nothing but t... Read More
Image of The Silver Stag (Wild Hunt) (Volume 1)

Ember Kearney is just back from a nasty job eliminating a goblin that was killing a local farmer’s chickens, when her best friend Angel calls in a... Read More

Image of Twice Bitten: An Argeneau Novel
Immortal Elspeth Argeneau Pimms is finally out on her own and away from her controlling mother — a freedom she craves. She is also working with t... Read More
Image of Danger's Hunt (Holly Danger) (Volume 5)

When he sacrificed himself to save young Daze, Case accepted the risk and knew what he was doing. But that doesn’t mean Holly is good with it. So w... Read More

Someone is kidnapping, brutalizing and killing vampires. When Lord Valadon’s nephew Nick is the next to disappear, Professor Miranda Crescent joins... Read More

Image of Dragon Bites: Stormwalker (Volume 6)

Janet promised her BFF Maya that they would take a girl’s weekend getaway to Vegas. As they are driving off, Gabrielle invites herself along. Janet... Read More

Image of Dangerous Mating (An A.L.F.A. Novel Book 3)

Clumsy FBI Agent Kari Tomlin is finally sent on a field assignment. Usually stuck at her desk solving puzzles and riddles as their top cryptographe... Read More

Image of Marked (An Alex Verus Novel)

He may have had a hand in unleashing a hoard of magical tools into the world, but Alex Verus is now committed to helping the Light Council track th... Read More

Image of Covert Game (A GhostWalker Novel)

GhostWalker Zara Hightower has been sent on a dangerous mission by Dr. Whitney. She is to enter the headquarters of Chinese crime lord Bernard Lee... Read More

Image of Night Fall (Secret Histories)

When the boundaries of the Nightside suddenly expand, the family matriarch sends Eddie Drood and Molly Metcalf to investigate. Attacked by a devour... Read More

Image of Last Dragon Standing (Heartstrikers Book 5)

700 years ago, dragons Brohomir (Bob) and his sister Amelia realized that all potential futures were leading to death and destruction. So Bob decid... Read More

Image of The Wolf Lord (Ars Numina Book 3)

Because she has been locked up for decades after a failed insurrection, Eldritch princess Thalia Talfayen knows she is in a precarious position eve... Read More

Image of Tricks for Free (InCryptid)

After abandoning her identity and going on the run, Antimony Price is eager to disappear into a crowd. She manages to land a job at Lowryland — per... Read More

Society is split in two: vampires are the elite and the majority of humanity is the working class. Desperate for money, Reyna decides to give her b... Read More

Image of Witches Wild (Bewitching Bedlam Book 4)

After the steps she took to save Sandy’s life in the previous book, Maddy knew there would be fallout. Then, when a romantic date with her vampire... Read More

Even though his brothers have made peace with their new human lives, Alexei has struggled with guilt and regret. Trying to escape, he has been drin... Read More

No one knew that on New Year’s Eve one man’s seemingly normal actions would unleash a plague that would wipe out more than half of the world’s popu... Read More

Sarandon Silver is very confident in himself because he knows what he wants. Right now he wants the sexy, courageous she-wolf bounty hunter, Jenna... Read More

The supernatural and alien worlds are on high alert and gathering in NYC for the renegotiation of a century-old agreement that set out the territor... Read More

Image of A.L.F.A. Instincts (An A.L.F.A. Novel)

In <em>Dangerous Mating</em>, Bryon Day is being held captive while investigating a human trafficking ring. FBI agent Kari Tomlin is as... Read More

Image of Burn Bright (Alpha and Omega)

Although he can’t begrudge his father taking some time for himself, Charles feels the burden of maintaining pack stability in his absence. One rare... Read More

Image of Day Reaper (The Night Blood Series Book 4)

Cassidy DiRocco is a survivor. She will do whatever it takes to keep what she values most: her career, her life and getting payback on the person w... Read More

Image of Lake Silence (World of the Others, The)

Vicki DeVine has been in Sproing for a little while working on restoring the rustic resort, The Jumble, that is her divorce settlement. However, Vi... Read More

Shifter Angus Murray isn’t happy to be blackmailed into working for the Shifter Bureau, but when they threaten his beloved cub, Angus knows there i... Read More

When a body mysteriously turns up in a crowded restaurant with no crime scene clues, Donovan Longfellow gathers his team of Foundation investigator... Read More

Image of Shadow Warrior (Sky Raiders) (Volume 3)

When we last saw Taya and Garek, they realized that new Liege Lord Aidan has apparently been abducted by his father’s former Iron Guard. It will no... Read More

Image of Lady Henterman's Wardrobe (Streets of Maradaine)

After the fall of Holver Alley and its people in a devastating fire, the Rynax brothers, Verci and Asti, go from being self-interested thieves to s... Read More

Linnet Ellery has worked tirelessly to earn her reputation at a prestigious New York vampire law firm, but lately, she’s been getting attention for... Read More

Image of Hooked on a Phoenix (Phoenix Brothers)

Misty Carlisle is in the business of making bad decisions. Or rather she’s just incredibly unlucky. Immediately into the novel, the bank she works... Read More

Image of Dark Queen (Jane Yellowrock)

Skinwalker Jane Yellowrock has a lot to face these days being the Enforcer to Leo Pellisier, the vampire Master of the City of New Orleans. When Le... Read More

Draven kicks off the anthology with the marvelous “The Darkest Midnight,” an exciting story of a teenage girl whose birthmark has made her the targ... Read More

Image of Hot and Badgered (The Honey Badger Chronicles)

Grizzly Berg Dunn... Read More

Princess Vilhelmina Dragomir has defied the evil Queen Morgrid, and was sentenced to a torturous vampiric coma of nightmare and starvation for her... Read More

Having been unchained from fate, the Norse gods Hel and Loki, along with their dark pantheon of allies, are preparing to launch Ragnarok — the end... Read More

Chelsea left her hometown in Georgia to chase her ex-boyfriend Shannon Wurther all the way to California, only to find that he’s living happily wit... Read More

Having destroyed their sit-town by killing a plethora of federal officers, Dani and her fellow anarcho magic users are on the run. Getting picked... Read More
Image of Flight of the White Wolf

Gavin Summerfield is a daring private investigator, and a newly turned arctic wolf shifter ready for his next case. Following a group of tourists t... Read More