Urban Fantasy Book Reviews

Image of Danger's Hunt (Holly Danger) (Volume 5)

When he sacrificed himself to save young Daze, Case accepted the risk and knew what he was doing. But that doesn’t mean Holly is good with it. So w... Read More

In order to attempt to develop a possible cure for Plush addiction, there are a number of hard to come by ingredients needed. One of them is sodium... Read More

Image of The Silver Stag (Wild Hunt) (Volume 1)

Ember Kearney is just back from a nasty job eliminating a goblin that was killing a local farmer’s chickens, when her best friend Angel calls in a... Read More

Trying to finish up a meeting of the Moonrise Coven, Maddy is getting frustrated that she can’t reach her best friend and fellow witch Sandy Clauso... Read More

Image of Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels)

It has been a little over a year since Kate gave birth to her son, Conlan, and thankfully during that time she and her father Roland have been exis... Read More

Vivian Bedford is a human soul broker who takes on the emotional burdens of the people around her, easing their suffering. Vivian also works with g... Read More

Image of Venom in the Veins: An Elemental Assassin Book

Gin and her foster brother, Finn Lane, are out having a lovely dinner with Finn’s boss, Stuart Mosley, the President of First Trust Bank. Mosley is... Read More

Image of Aliens Abroad (Alien Novels)
As Earth has become a destination point for alien refugees from all around the universe, the decision has been made to use some of the newly acqu... Read More

When the boundaries of the Nightside suddenly expand, the family matriarch sends Eddie Drood and Molly Metcalf to investigate. Attacked by a devour... Read More

During a horrific battle in Dis (the demon realm), as they try to rescue their group’s kidnapped children, Lily Yu, her husband Rule, Cynna, Cullen... Read More

Image of Marked (An Alex Verus Novel)

He may have had a hand in unleashing a hoard of magical tools into the world, but Alex Verus is now committed to helping the Light Council track th... Read More

Trapped in a human body, the girl who thinks she is Death attempts suicide to return to the underworld, but fails and lands in the emergency room.... Read More

Image of Dragon Bites: Stormwalker (Volume 6)

Janet promised her BFF Maya that they would take a girl’s weekend getaway to Vegas. As they are driving off, Gabrielle invites herself along. Janet... Read More

With the Zombies, Abominations and Order of the Black Mist having overrun Seattle and numerous other cities, communication with the outside world i... Read More

Skinwalker Jane Yellowrock has a lot to face these days being the Enforcer to Leo Pellisier, the vampire Master of the City of New Orleans. When Le... Read More

The Stonepeak Strangler strews bodies of men, women and children everywhere. The locals argue whether the Strangler or the Shadow Demon is competin... Read More

Linnet Ellery has worked tirelessly to earn her reputation at a prestigious New York vampire law firm, but lately, she’s been getting attention for... Read More

In the 1920s, brothers Seth and Isiah Lockwood fall in love with Eleanor Raines, an up-and-coming actress on the East End of London. After Eleano... Read More

When we last saw Taya and Garek, they realized that new Liege Lord Aidan has apparently been abducted by his father’s former Iron Guard. It will no... Read More

Although Holly and her crew managed to kill Tandor, the man who was trying to take over their town, they sadly haven’t stopped the problem, for Tan... Read More

Laytham Ballard has lost almost everything, from his shadow to his soul to his position in the Nightwise, a secret order of powerful mages devote... Read More

Having grown up under the protection of one of the world’s most feared vampire assassins, human Ben Vecchio has become very comfortable navigating... Read More

Bronko knew full well, even after destroying their arch-enemy at Gluttony Bay, that they had not seen the last of Allensworth. Now that he has re... Read More

Paranormal investigator Nell Ingram of PsyLED, the division of Homeland Security that investigates and polices paranormals, is at the scene of a de... Read More

Holly and the gang are still desperately searching for a way to cure people of the scourge of Plush addiction. Their only lead at this point is try... Read More

Image of Gluttony Bay: A Sin du Jour Affair

The team at Sin Du Jour have been through quite a lot in their time together, but nothing will test them quite like the Gluttony Bay High Security... Read More

Having destroyed their sit-town by killing a plethora of federal officers, Dani and her fellow anarcho magic users are on the run. Getting picked... Read More

Daffy Deschants’ world has just imploded: her husband of 13 years has been unfaithful and he’s not a mild-mannered software salesman but really the... Read More

Having been unchained from fate, the Norse gods Hel and Loki, along with their dark pantheon of allies, are preparing to launch Ragnarok — the end... Read More

Although now-famous Insighter (a.k.a. reincarnation expert) Leah and boyfriend Archer survived their run in with a serial killer, Leah is still fre... Read More

The supernatural and alien worlds are on high alert and gathering in NYC for the renegotiation of a century-old agreement that set out the territor... Read More

When Charley and her son-of-Satan husband Reyes Farrow sent Reyes into a hell dimension, Charley was supposed to yank him back out right away, but... Read More

No one knew that on New Year’s Eve one man’s seemingly normal actions would unleash a plague that would wipe out more than half of the world’s popu... Read More

To say that Maddy’s week is not starting out well is quite the understatement. At first it is just annoyances like suddenly having Snow White and t... Read More

After the steps she took to save Sandy’s life in the previous book, Maddy knew there would be fallout. Then, when a romantic date with her vampire... Read More

When we last saw Riley and the gang, they had managed to rescue Riley’s boyfriend Clay Price from the clutches of the FBI who were torturing him, b... Read More

After abandoning her identity and going on the run, Antimony Price is eager to disappear into a crowd. She manages to land a job at Lowryland — per... Read More

Image of Haunted Blade (Colbana Files Book 6)

Kit has been hoping for some normalcy as she works and helps train shifter Doyle Hansen in the PI bizz. Unfortunately, events take an extremely omi... Read More

Image of Last Dragon Standing (Heartstrikers Book 5)

700 years ago, dragons Brohomir (Bob) and his sister Amelia realized that all potential futures were leading to death and destruction. So Bob decid... Read More

Image of Creatures of Will and Temper

Fencer Evadne Gray has no desire whatsoever to chaperone her younger sister Dorina on her visit to their Uncle Basil in London, especially after me... Read More

After the fall of Holver Alley and its people in a devastating fire, the Rynax brothers, Verci and Asti, go from being self-interested thieves to s... Read More

Kim Lam lives in a world where Darklings — vampires, were-creatures and demons — represent the upper echelons of society, harboring wealth, power a... Read More

When a body mysteriously turns up in a crowded restaurant with no crime scene clues, Donovan Longfellow gathers his team of Foundation investigator... Read More

Because she used her magic in the fight against Reveillon, Claire is now considered an enemy by the PCC (Paranormal Combatant Command). So Claire... Read More

Vicki DeVine has been in Sproing for a little while working on restoring the rustic resort, The Jumble, that is her divorce settlement. However, Vi... Read More

Image of Fury Awakened (Fury Unbound) (Volume 3)
Kaeleen Donovan (a.k.a. Fury) is a Theosian, a minor goddess. She has been fighting hard to carry out her oath to destroy the Abominations that c... Read More

Although he can’t begrudge his father taking some time for himself, Charles feels the burden of maintaining pack stability in his absence. One rare... Read More

Image of Danger's Halo: (Holly Danger Book 1)
Living in this post-apocalyptic world is not easy, but Holly Danger is managing. Working as a salvager allows Holly to survive, but what should b... Read More

After seeing Selene “fall to her death” during a battle, Theo has been deep in grief, not realizing that Selene survived but decided to stay “dead”... Read More

For a decade, life on Earth, under Molly’s rule, has been generally peaceful. After the Undead War, the ravages of hunger, disease, pollution and w... Read More