Image of The Philosopher Kings: A Novel (Thessaly)


Image of The Philosopher Kings: A Novel (Thessaly)

Readers who enjoyed The Just City will be clamoring for this follow-up, but they’ll likely be surprised by what they find … We pick back up years after the Last Debate, and the city and its citizens have been hugely changed. What hasn’t changed is Walton’s mastery of char-acter and emotion and idea. While The Philosopher Kings lacks the tight focus of its predecessor, it’s just as thrilling. Then, at the end, Walton reveals she’s been thinking on a far grander scale all along. A third book can’t come fast enough.

After Sokrates debated Athena, the Just City’s attempt to replicate Plato’s Republic was doomed. Now there are five cities, each trying in their own way to reach that goal. But Apollo, still incarnated in the human form he took to live in the experiment and learn from humans, has suffered a grievous loss, and he will set out with his half-divine children to find the person responsible. But what they find will alter the trajectory of the cities forever. (TOR, Jul., 352 pp., $25.99)
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Ian Mathers