Image of The Prey of Gods


Image of The Prey of Gods

You’ll need to clear your schedule as soon as you get your hands on a copy of Drayden’s debut novel! Taking place in a near-future South Africa, Drayden introduces us to a diverse and endearing cast of characters and mind-blowingly cool concepts. She expertly blends together science fiction and fantasy for a wild ride that gives readers both a robot uprising and a vengeful demigoddess craving power. LGBT characters are also introduced organically, and their personal stories will leave readers cheering. Drayden has certainly made herself an author to watch out for.

In the near-future, a new hallucinogenic drug is sweeping South Africa. It causes users to hallucinate and see themselves as animals, and weirder still, they can see the hallucinations of other users. For Muzikayise McCarthy, the drug, called godsend, proves to be a welcome distraction from the pressure his family puts on him and his own developing feelings for his best friend, Elkin. Pop diva Riya has secrets of her own and also craves the taste of godsend. Elsewhere, a young girl named Nomvula discovers she may be more than just human. Wallace Stoker, a councilman who also performs in drag as Felicity Lyons, is balancing his double life when tragedy hits. To top it all off? Muzi’s personal robot is slowly discovering its own sentience! All the dominoes are lined up and primed to fall, and weakened demigoddess Sidney is ready to reclaim her power. But as everything comes crashing down, there’s one question that begs answering: when there are only gods, who are the prey? (HARPER VOYAGER, Jun., 400 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Emily Walton