Image of Pushing the Limits


Image of Pushing the Limits

Complex, emotional and gripping. The internal and external conflicts McGarry’s characters face will keep you enthralled, and the growth they experience throughout the novel takes real talent — I can’t wait for McGarry’s next book.

Echo doesn’t remember how she got the scars on her arms. All she knows is that she’s now a social pariah. She keeps her arms covered as rumors fly about what really happened. Tough guy Noah’s attitude has earned him a bad rep at school, but he doesn’t care. His only concern is getting custody of his two younger brothers once he turns 18. With a little luck, a lot of love and the help of a social worker who refuses to give up on them, Noah and Echo just might make it through their senior year. (HARLEQUIN TEEN, Aug., 416 pp., $17.99, HC, ISBN: 9780373210497, 14 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller