Image of The Queen of Swords (Golgotha)


Image of The Queen of Swords (Golgotha)

Belcher takes readers on the adventure of a lifetime in the third installment of his Golgotha series as one woman’s fight to save her child opens the door to a prophecy that predicts death and destruction for them all. From the turbulent high seas to the dark heart of Africa, Belcher uses the past and present to tell a fantastical story of three formidable women whose lives are intertwined through history, fate and blood. Once again letting loose the reins on his formidable imagination and skill, Belcher creates another undeniable winner with his whimsically horrific characters, unparalleled worldbuilding, stimulating narrative and a diabolical storyline teeming with magic, mayhem and dark humor. Fans will cheer the powerful female protagonists who are indeed the queens of this world.

Maura Stapleton left Golgotha, Nevada, and her lover, Mutt, when her father comes and spirits her daughter Constance away without her permission. She arrives in Charleston soon after only to discover her daughter in the middle of a supernatural war brewing between the Daughters of Lilith and the Sons of Typhon. A war where the winner gets Constance and her gifts. When Maude is double-crossed and Constance is taken again, Maude follows, using the skills of her infamous ancestor, the pirate Queen Anne Bonney, to travel to the mythical City of Bones. There she must face her greatest enemy if she wants to save her daughter. (TOR, Jun., 368 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson