Image of Radiance (Wraith Kings) (Volume 1)


Image of Radiance (Wraith Kings) (Volume 1)

What was going to be a serialized short story by the exceptionally talented Draven instead turned into a long novella with a planned (and now highly anticipated) sequel in the works. In short order, Draven has demonstrated that she is a truly gifted teller of romantic fantasy tales that are utterly unforgettable. In Radiance, Draven explores a forced political marriage between seemingly incompatible races. The growing relationship between these protagonists is a genuine joy to read, and the fantastic story is filled with dangerous twists and turns!

As the Gauri king’s niece, Ildiko knew she was destined for a political marriage, but what she didn’t expect was to be married to the younger son of the Kai king in order to seal a treaty. To the Gauri, the grey-skinned, taloned and fanged Kai are fearsome to behold, while the Kai think the pale human Gauri are horrifically ugly. A chance encounter in the garden where Ildiko meets the hooded Kai prince and doesn’t run screaming gives Prince Brishen hope regarding his bride. Despite their enormous differences and the odds against them, Ildiko and Brishen begin forging a relationship. But treachery and politics swiftly surround them and threaten everything they’ve built. (GRACEDRAVEN.COM, Jan., 296 pp., $10.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith