This extra-short novella is touted as a "romantic comedy" set in space, but it falls short in several ways. Julie and Ragnar's continual banter comes off as more annoying than funny, and Ragnar's characteristics are limited to his tail and his ability be become invisible. Furthermore, his relationship with Juliet hardly has a chance to develop before the story ends. The secondary characters, especially Ragnar's unusual first mate Pip, are as two-dimensional as the hero and heroine. Die-hard science fiction romance fans may find something to like about this quick read, but others will want to skip it.

Bounty hunter Juliet will stop at nothing to catch her prey. When King William the Nefarious asks her to capture vigilante alien Ragnar, she hatches a plan to seduce and drug the renegade, which backfires when Ragnar turns the tables and kidnaps Juliet. Juliet learns that the irresistible alien — unusual tail and all — isn't the criminal she thought, and King William is hiding a few dirty secrets of his own. Can Juliet set her feelings for Ragnar aside and finish the job, or will the King have Ragnar's head — and hers? (LIQUID SILVER BOOKS, September 2011, dl., $4.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Janine Johnston