Image of Rainy Day Friends: A Novel


Image of Rainy Day Friends: A Novel

When life turns sour, it's way too easy to shut yourself down from everyone; it takes a special person, or a group of special people, to remind you that life is still worth living. There is drama and great dialogue in every chapter, enough to make the almost 400 pages warranted and needed. There will be plenty of moments in this novel that will make readers want to cry at the unfair hand that has been dealt to the protagonists. The author paints the characters as living these incredibly busy and tumultuous lives but then creates a peaceful setting through a majestic vineyard, a private beach and rolling countryside. The parallel between the two is reminiscent of life itself and readers will be able to relate to searching for those quiet moments in the midst of chaos. The story moves effortlessly and even with three protagonists it is very easy to keep track of each of their stories and how their plights are connected.

Six months after her husband died, Lanie Jacobs takes a temporary job as a graphic designer at a family owned winery. The always private Lanie finds herself embraced by the boisterous, loud and loving Capriotti family, especially the war hero turned town sheriff Mark. Try as she might to stay to herself, she can't help but get caught up in their witty banter and their fierce protection for each other and her. Just when Lanie starts to open her heart up to the family, new employee River Brown comes along and threatens to expose Lainie's humiliating past. (WILLIAM MORROW, Jun., 384 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner