If there’s a complaint here, it’s that this third entry feels a bit like a third and fourth volume were edited down into this book. Once the tide turns it really turns, and although convincing reasons are given, it sometimes feels like the narrative switches from our heroes on the ropes to the tables being turned too easily. Which is not to take away the real and potent pleasures of the series; both Loom and Nova are interesting, lived-in worlds, and seeing how they both change is compelling. Kova has an excellent sense of what voices to include in order to make the story both balanced and suspenseful. The romances are well handled and the conclusion satisfying.

The short-lived, ground-based, technologically advanced Fenthri have long suffered under the tyranny of the magical, regenerating, sky-dwelling Dragons. The Fenthri Arianna, who is able to graft Dragon organs into her body to attain their power, possesses more than one secret that might allow the overthrow of the powerful Dragon Emperor. But for any revolution to succeed, she will have to trust her lover, Cvareh. He is the head of the second most powerful Dragon clan and has sworn his rule will be more just. Meanwhile, the vicious Yveun Dono, accustomed to decades of bloody rule, has his own secret weapons to deploy. (KEYMASTER, Dec., 500 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ian Mathers