Image of In the Region of the Summer Stars: Eirlandia, Book One (Eirlandia Series)


Image of In the Region of the Summer Stars: Eirlandia, Book One (Eirlandia Series)

In the first book of his Eirlandia series, Lawhead creates an epic fantasy set in the Celtic world with a courageous warrior at the center of it. Brilliant storytelling filled with lyrical language and vivid description expressing a well-crafted plot will keep readers hooked into the story. Conor, a shrewd, intelligent warrior, with unending courage will appeal to readers. Lawhead creates rich, fascinating characters and his latest is a fierce, exciting, magical adventure that will enthrall fans of the genre.

Conor, the first-born son of the Celtic king, is a warrior for his tribe. The Darini is just one of the tribes of Eirlandia, an island that has been constantly invaded by a barbaric people known as the Scálda. One day, at a gathering for the kings who head up the various tribes of Eirlandia, Conor is falsely accused in public of a crime. As punishment, Conor is cast out from his tribe, not to return for three years. Now considered a criminal, he is left to wander the land until he hears of a sinister scheme that foreshadows Eirlandia’s doom involving Brecan, king of the Brigantes tribe. Conor is suddenly set on a mission with a druid and two of his best friends to thwart Brecan’s scheme. Conor finds himself in incredible danger as he faces not only the threat of Brecan, but that of the Scálda army when he discovers the Scálda have captured several of the Fae, who possess special magical powers to be used for nefarious means. It means certain death for Connor as he fights to save the Fae and his own people in order to prevent the destruction of Eirlandia itself. (TOR, May, 336 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates