Image of Reign of the Fallen


Image of Reign of the Fallen

Marsh’s worldbuilding is absolutely remarkable. Not only does she fill this story with magic, monsters and mystical dreamscapes, but she has imagined a society where all genders and all sexualities are accepted. The result is a remarkable, refreshing story where a thoroughly capable, courageous and deep-feeling heroine can perform to her full potential without having to prove or justify herself, and each character can not only accept each other, but also themselves. At the same time, this story is a sensational fantasy tale, full of danger, adventure and romance bound to earn this series a devoted following.

Odessa is one of Karthia’s master necromancers, responsible for raising nobles from the dead by rescuing their souls from the perilous Deadlands without allowing them to become Shades — terrible, zombie-like monsters. Recoveries haven’t been going well lately, and all the necromancers are on edge, especially when a shattering loss reveals a terrible cons4piracy: someone in Karthia has been making Shades, and training them into a horrible kind of fighting force. The revelation forces Odessa to realize the real power she wields, and the implications her acts could have on Karthia, a place that has resisted change for generations. (RAZORBILL, Jan., 384 pp., $17.99, 15 & Up)

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Bridget Keown