Image of Resolve


Image of Resolve

The second book in Smith’s Corsets and Carriages series whisks readers right back into the world of her historical drama, a series that continues to evoke the understated passions of 19th century novels, from Austen to Bronte. However, these characters remain largely static — events happen to them without any reckoning, or discussion of the very real, significant implications of those events in their lives. This is especially evident when the hero is subjected to a violation that goes largely unrecognized. This lack of deeper insight into the characters makes it difficult to feel the bonds between them, or for readers to forge bonds with them in turn.

Catherine Davenport remains alienated from her own past, unable to recall what brought her to Rian Conner’s estate. Nevertheless, she is growing stronger and gradually coming to terms with the depth of her feelings for her rescuer. Rian has never wanted anyone more than he has wanted Catherine, but the mysteries of her past lie between them, challenging Rian to overcome them. But even as they grow closer, Rian’s former mistress refuses to let her favorite love go and vows to do whatever it takes to ensure he will remain hers forever. (LYRICAL, dl $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown