Image of Ride 'Em (A Giddyup Novel Book 1)


Image of Ride 'Em (A Giddyup Novel Book 1)

Dryden’s romances are always whip-smart and playfully sexy, and her Giddyup series about kinky cowboys and a struggling dude ranch is no exception. Ride ‘Em is fun and scorching-hot. As always, she grounds her Doms and subs in a realistic world where bills need to be paid, cars break down at inconvenient times and scenes don’t always go as planned, but thanks to good friends and love, there is always a happily ever after.

Irresistible attraction, inconvenient emotions and irreconcilable goals complicate Mindy’s mission to salvage her career. Sent to Logan’s newly re-opened dude ranch by her overbearing stepfather to persuade him to sign over the ranch’s mineral rights, her plans quickly go awry. Logan’s interest turns into anger once he learns of Mindy’s agenda, but his plot to teach her a lesson soon has them both panting for more. (LYRICAL, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ana Coqui