Image of Ride Wild: A Raven Riders Novel


Image of Ride Wild: A Raven Riders Novel

The Raven Riders are back as the amazing Kaye continues to explore this motorcycle club that is in the process of major transitions. While this story has the punch of danger and suspense the previous books had, its main focus is a truly heartwarming tale of dealing with loss and daring to reach for the future. The boys in this book will grab your heart, not to mention a lovable basset hound named Bosco. Cora Campbell and Slider Evans both have serious pain and darkness in their pasts, but watching them reach for the light is wonderful and moving. A terrific read!

Having escaped a horrible situation with her best friend Haven, Cora Campbell has found safety with the Raven Riders. Trying to help out where she can, Cora has been babysitting Ben and Sam, widowed Slider’s young sons. It doesn’t take long for Cora to fall in love with the boys, but she also realizes she needs to start building a new life. Since his wife’s death two years ago, Slider has withdrawn a lot from club social interactions and struggled to keep things going for his boys. Cora has been a godsend and it is the boys who suggest that they make her their live-in nanny rather than just a babysitter. The close proximity soon has both Cora and Slider realizing the attraction between them. Then Cora witnesses something she shouldn’t have and the Raven Riders must take steps to protect Cora from the danger now stalking her. (AVON, Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith