Image of Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss Book 4)


Image of Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss Book 4)

The final band member of Schoolboy Choir gets his story in Singh’s amazing Rock Wedding. Substance abuse and grief destroyed Abe and Sarah’s marriage the first time around, but circumstances have brought them into contact once again. Abe has a lot to make up for, and Singh does a stellar job exploring the demons that haunt them both. The slow building of trust and healing makes this powerful romance believable and incredibly touching. Singh is a master!

Abe and Sarah’s bitter divorce still haunts them both. Abe realizes that his substance abuse, inability to deal with the death of his little sister and cutting behavior drove Sarah away. In the intervening years, Sarah has built her own company, but also tragically lost a stillborn baby. When Sarah’s current boyfriend hits her, Abe is nearby and steps in. Determined to get a second chance with the only woman he has ever loved, Abe vows to court Sarah and prove he has changed. Sarah still has deep feelings for Abe, but her battered heart fears taking another risk. However, this Abe is very different from what he used to be. This man promises to be there to help and support her in all circumstances. Dare she take the risk? (NALINISINGH.COM, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith