Series Book Reviews

Harlequin Desire

Washington D.C. magnate Spencer Jameson and project manager Abby Rowe are forced to work together on a project despite a past that’s complicated,... Read More

Navy SEAL David Holloway is sent to Key West on a discreet fact-finding mission involving the goddaughter of two of his commanding officers when... Read More

Wealthy architect Joshua Grayson recently moved back to Copper Ridge from the big city for the calming pace of mountain living. When his... Read More

Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Lillian Davies is pregnant and on the run; a fugitive accused of a crime that she didn’t commit. Lillian needs to prove her innocence for her... Read More

P.I. Shane Colton is out walking his K-9 partner, Welsh corgi Stumps, one evening when they come upon fallen dog trainer Danica Gage behind the K9... Read More

Escaping from a dangerous Russian mob is the last thing medical student Madelyn Thompkins expected to be doing. It wasn’t long ago when Madelyn... Read More

When landscaper Mila Ramirez finds a client lying dead by the pool, she is stunned. Seeing his murdered body brings up emotions and memories from... Read More

Kimani Romance

Dr. Elwood Jackson has never gotten over his break up with Avery Montgomery. When the medical student left Michigan to write her own scripted... Read More

Christopher Marland and Eliza Ellicott are reunited after Chris broke her heart when they were younger. Now they are both educated and have found... Read More

After the deaths of their fathers in a plane crash, Alessandra Dalmount and Alek Ansah are named the new CEOs of a billion dollar company. Both... Read More

Leila Amis never thought she would be “that woman” — the one who falls in love with her boss. Yet, when she meets Nicolas Adrian the attraction is... Read More

In the fourth installment of the Millionaire Moguls series, Miranda Jensen is on the hunt for a husband. A stipulation of her inheritance says she... Read More

Harlequin Medical Romance

Dr. Lorenzo Conti is divorced and still smarting over his wife cheating on him and leaving him to be with her true love, and the father of the... Read More

Dr. Gene Du Bois is given the chance to head up a research project in Switzerland and his four-year-old son, Rory, is along for the ride. When he... Read More

Dr. Evelyn Saunders left Alaska twenty years ago after her father's death. She is only returning to do a three month stint in the town where she... Read More

Tasha Kincaid is a former doctor turned teacher who runs into Dr. Quinn Shapiro during her teaching assignment in Africa. Quinn was her teenage... Read More

Love Inspired Suspense

Cosette LaCroix finds herself under Wilder Flynn’s 24/7 protection after her stalker reappears. Threats quickly increase, and Wilder worries he... Read More

Jamie is certain her brother-in-law murdered her sister, but no one else believes her. She, as well as her six-year-old niece, is in hiding,... Read More

Katie Tribani’s world is rocked when she learns the truth about her father: he is a crime lord and he has found her. Unbeknownst to Katie, she’s... Read More

Love Inspired Historical

Deborah Frazier didn’t arrive in Cowboy Creek in search of a groom. In fact, she recently fled from one. Instead, she found shelter, friends and a... Read More

Winifred Sattler finds herself stranded in the Dakota Territory after her latest mail-order bride attempt fails. She is in desperate need of a job... Read More

All her life, Henrietta Gordon has wanted to practice medicine, just like the uncle who raised her. Her uncle, however, wants her to stay in... Read More

Love Inspired

Amy Deerson has wanted to mentor a child for some time, and it looks like it will finally happen. Unfortunately, it means she will have to spend... Read More

Widow Naomi is shocked that Elam, her former beau, has the nerve to return to their community after the pain and heartache he caused her and her... Read More

Maddie Montgomery likes to play it safe in her life and relationships, so her career as a librarian is a perfect fit. That’s where she... Read More

Harlequin Heartwarming

Jace Cahill loves living in his remote cabin with only his faithful dogs for company. He loves his work as a rafting guide, but is aware that... Read More

Dax Calder is at his wits end with the antics his twin daughters, Ivy and Fern, have been pulling since they have arrived to the Serengeti. His... Read More

Country music star Piper Starling goes to the emergency room for a sprained ankle … and finds out she is pregnant. She knows who the father is... Read More

Mike Reimer is known as “Iceman” on the hockey rink because he is brutal with the stick. He is aware that having a relationship is risky business... Read More

Harlequin Intrigue

SEAL “Pitbull” Percy Taylor is a helicopter man, and he’s not thrilled about flying on a single-engine prop plane to get to an African resort.... Read More

Lola Dayton has run away from a cult, and its leader who wants her for his own. With nowhere to go, Lola runs to the one person that she believes... Read More

Two years ago, Kelly Stockwell disappeared from Texas Ranger Jameson Beckett’s  life without a trace. Jameson tried to find Kelly to no avail.... Read More

After a close call with home intruders, Lauren Beckett is given reason to believe that her son might have been swapped with Deputy Cameron Doran’s... Read More

Harlequin Special Edition

When Alexis/Alex needs to find a man who won’t mind faking a marriage to help her adopt a needy young girl, one hunky Air Force Major comes to... Read More

When Taryn Robinson’s boyfriend betrays her, she decides a new start is in order. She leaves her teaching job in NYC and heads to West Virginia to... Read More

Two years after losing her husband to cancer, Laurel Prescott buys a B&B in a small California beach town. She and her three grieving kids... Read More

Single dad Jamison Porter and his 4-year-old daughter Hannah are in Clearville, California, to be in his best friend’s wedding. Hannah hasn’t... Read More

Harlequin Western Romance

Francine Wentworth has her hands full trying to raise her son as a single mother, deal with her ex and work on an important business merger.... Read More

Journalist Nadine has come back home to Rodeo, Montana, from New York City. One of her first journalistic assignments includes interviewing... Read More

Nurse Bridgett Monroe is shocked to find an abandoned baby boy and puppy in a cardboard box. Soon after, Bridgett finds herself as temporary... Read More

Lauren Shayne is a relatively well-known baker who has just moved to Blue Falls, Texas, with her twin daughters. Lauren has plans to open a... Read More


Attorney Ronan Hall is ruthless in the courtroom, especially when he is defending a man who has been wronged by a woman. So when Muriel Sanz's ex... Read More

Harper thought she had everything in her life planned out perfectly. Great job, great cat and a good enough Mr. Right. But when her boyfriend... Read More

Harlequin Nocturne

After surviving what should have been a deadly werewolf bite and being in an induced coma for months, Vampire Prime Vivianne Marchetta is back at... Read More

When the clairvoyant Theia Dawn (a Carlisle sister) meets Lucien Smok at her sister's wedding, she's immediately attracted to the scientist/... Read More

When vampire Ethan Pierce has dark witch Tuesday Knightsbridge kidnapped and brought to Paris from her home in Massachusetts, Tuesday is angry and... Read More

Harlequin Presents

When a brief encounter with billionaire Damon Gale leaves Princess Eleni pregnant, Damon spirits her away to his yacht in order to convince her to... Read More

After spending a decade in prison for a murder he didn't commit, DNA results free Atlas Chariton and he heads to London to track down Lexi... Read More

Harlequin Romance

Still reeling from a disastrous affair with her boss, Justine Winter decides to quit her job and return to her hometown to take over the... Read More

Aspiring author Nate Thornton is a great storyteller but he has difficulty nailing the interactions between his hero and heroine. On the... Read More