Image of Rosie Colored Glasses: A Novel


Image of Rosie Colored Glasses: A Novel

The beauty of this novel is that the story is told from three different perspectives that are so vastly different on the surface, but also so perfectly intertwined. There is the parent who wants to do everything by the book; the parent who embraces her own inner whimsy; and the 10-year-old child who feels accepted with one parent and like an outsider with the other. The three narrative voices are equally balanced and flashbacks explain the motivation of present events. The story flows well but should not be rushed through, as readers will want to take the time to experience every frustration and hope of the characters.

Years ago, straight-laced Rex met free-spirited Rosie and they fell in love against all odds. Once a baby comes into the mix, Rex begins to make plans and reads every parenting book he can get his hands on to ensure that their children are raised the proper and correct way. Rex provides structure and order, while Rosie brings light and love. Their daughter Willow feels stuck between the two worlds her parents have created. (MIRA, Feb., 336 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner