Image of Royals


Image of Royals

Craving all things royal? The release of Hawkins’ stand-alone, Royals, is perfectly timed for those readers who need to feed their royal addiction as Harry and Meghan’s wedding bells draw closer. Royals takes a different spin on the prince-meets-his-princess story, by having the heroine be the intended princess’ younger sister. Readers familiar with Hawkins’ writing style can expect lots of her usual humor, wit and hilarious banter. Featuring a sassy, rebellious heroine, the story has two potential love interests for readers to fawn over and decide who is their favorite. Royals is fun and charming. Lighthearted, pure fun.

Ellie, Daisy Winters’ older sister, is engaged to be married to a royal prince. Because of the engagement, Daisy finds herself in the spotlight, much to her displeasure. To help her escape from the unwanted tabloid attention, Daisy joins her sister and her fiancé as they travel across the pond, to stay in the relative seclusion of a royal castle. There she meets the prince’s younger brother, Sebastian, and his best friend, Miles. Both are handsome and intriguing, but only one will win her heart. Will there be another royal match made? (PUTNAM, May, 304 pp., $17.99, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch