Image of Ruins and Revenge: A Raine Benares World Novel


Image of Ruins and Revenge: A Raine Benares World Novel

The Tam and Phaelan roadshow is back in the hotly anticipated next chapter in Shearin’s terrific Raine Benares World spinoff series. Shearin’s amazing ability to take apocalyptic danger and give it a hefty dollop of humor is one reason why her books are just plain addictive fun! Her worldbuilding is also second to none, which ensures both the evolving plotlines and characters thrive in a rich environment. Hang on tight, for there are plenty of goblins, dragons and lizard people!

After nearly dying on the first leg of the journey to find the lost city of Nidaar, goblin and dark mage Tamnais “Tam” Nathrach, his son Talon, elven pirate captain Phaelan Benares, and gem mage Agata Azul have finally made it to the continent of Aquas and are now approaching where they think the lost city of Nidaar can be found. Unfortunately, they believe that evil Sandrina Ghalfari and her Khrynsani are already here, so the race to stop them from gaining control of the legendary stone of power, the Heart of Nidaar, is on! It is believed that the fabled city lies beneath a mountain, and since it was designed to protect the Heart of Nidaar, Tam expects there to be booby traps and dangers all around. And that doesn’t account for the Khrynsani, their alien Sythsaurians allies or any nasty creatures taking up residence in the subterranean world. With these odds, Tam and company are going to need all the power, luck and trickery they can muster! (NLA DIGITAL, dl $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith