Image of The Saboteur: A Novel


Image of The Saboteur: A Novel

Drawn from the illustrious background of the Second World War and the initial development of heavy water for the bomb in Germany, Gross’ tempestuous novel tells of the fierce loyalty of true patriots. The action builds tension for ultimate enjoyment. Some of the people are drawn from real life, with slight name changes but no loss of valor.

After the bombing of their major cities by the Nazis, the Norwegian resistance is putting up a good fight, armed with little in the way of ammunition. A patriot named Kurt Nordstrum is summoned to Mael by a friend, Einar. Both engineers, he responds immediately, careful not to attract attention. Nazis are stopping those with the slightest appearance of being Jewish or non-pureblood, even those with proper documentation. Einar wants Nordstrum to transport an important piece of microfilm to Leif Trondstad, a world-famous scientist in England. Fighting the weather and avoiding Nazis are their major hurdles. After a perilous journey surviving a Messerschmitt attack, Nordstrum and Jens, his compatriot, dock in Aberdeen and forward the microfilm to London. Talk of uniting with the Americans to bomb the newly discovered manufacturing plant is deemed impractical. Trondstad forms a team to infiltrate the fortress. (MINOTAUR, Aug., 416 pp., $27.99)
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Donna M. Brown