Image of Salvation (Corsets and Carriages Book 3)


Image of Salvation (Corsets and Carriages Book 3)

The third book in Smith’s highly dramatic romance series, Corsets and Carriages, forces her protagonists to confront their own personal darkness and the enemies who have schemed against them. As her heroine grows into her own person, it is gratifying to see the bonds that form between her and the family that has accepted her as their own. However, the lack of dimensionality in these characters makes it difficult to see how they grow and change, particularly in the confrontation with the arch villains of this series. They largely are left to react, taking some of the visceral pleasure out of these showdowns, even though the ending is a satisfying one.

Catherine Davenport has never doubted her love for Rian Connor, and his proposal should make her happy — but Catherine cannot help but fear that the attack that led to their meeting has left her permanently scarred. Love might have transformative powers for both her and Rian, and their union seems to be idyllic — but will they, or their marriage, survive when the enemies from their past return for their revenge? (LYRICAL, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown