Image of The Sapphire Manticore (The Lost Ancients) (Volume 4)


Image of The Sapphire Manticore (The Lost Ancients) (Volume 4)

Andreas is back with the fourth installment of her humorous and wildly adventurous Lost Ancients series. With the threat of dangerous relics, not-so-vanished races and murderous magic, life is getting pretty complicated for archaeologist Taryn St. Giles. Andreas is quickly making a name for herself as a stellar teller of fantasy tales rich in worldbuilding, characterization and humor. If you have not given this rising star a try, do so ASAP!

For most of her career digging in the abandoned ruins throughout Beccia, Taryn has been hunting for artifacts left behind by a long-vanished elven race. Taryn has a knack for it since she keeps managing to find some pretty dangerous relics left by another older race called the Ancients. However, just recently Taryn learned that the elves are not so vanished. In fact, her new almost-boyfriend Alric turns out to be an elf tasked with recovering those relics. Things have recently gone badly pear-shaped, and both Alric and Taryn are now prisoners of a group of elves who claim Alric stole one of the hazardous relics. With some truly nasty creatures out to kill them, Taryn, Alric and their friends are going to need every magical trick in the book if they are going to survive! (MARIE ANDREAS, Jan., 327 pp, $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith