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Image of Save the Date

Get ready to laugh out loud with this zany story of family, love and the beauty that can still be found in chaos. Youngest sibling Charlotte “Charlie” Grant is the perfect blend of snark, wit and awkwardness. The story is narrated from her first-person point of view, while still giving readers a broad perspective of her family as well as the madcap mayhem of the wedding weekend. Everything that can possibly go wrong ... does — and Matson expertly captures that tension, weaving hilarity with sentimentality and delivering a well-rounded story that begs to be brought to life on the big screen. Readers will fall in love with Charlie, her siblings, her parents, even the loaner dog and the other supporting characters. Great, snappy dialogue and clever plot devices round out this delightful mix. In the midst of the hot mess that is Charlie’s sister’s wedding, the emphasis on family is affectionately done and warmly presented — without losing the bit of edge that makes this book stand out among the rest.

It’s a big weekend for the Grant family. Their mom’s longtime comic strip about their family is coming to an end, after following the children from infancy through young adulthood. They’ve sold the family home. And the oldest daughter is getting married. As the baby of the family, Charlie is thrilled to have all her siblings home again and wants the weekend to be perfect. The weekend, however, is not cooperating. The house alarm won’t stop going off, the neighbor keeps threatening to report them for noise violations, they’ve been loaned a howling dog and the paper girl keeps lying about whether or not she’s delivered their papers. Not to mention the wedding — an AWOL wedding planner, a missing suit, no officiant and a power outage. At least Charlie gets to spend some time with her brother’s best friend, who happens to be her longtime crush. But the new wedding planner’s nephew is really sweet … (SIMON & SCHUSTER, Jun., 432 pp., $17.99, 12 & Up)

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Carrie Townsend