Image of Saving Destiny (Dark Enchantments)


Image of Saving Destiny (Dark Enchantments)
Captured by the Cadre, a group that studies paranormal entities, Kadenshar, a demon that tempts mortals with their own weakness, must travel from England to the U.S. to bring back scientist Destiny Rue, a woman he believes will destroy his race when she becomes a healer and peacemaker called the Crystal Goddess. Unfortunately, the Cadre aren't the only ones who want Destiny. Kadenshar's demon brothers are out to destroy her before she brings down their race. Pat White's characters in Saving Destiny (4.5) are fresh, complex and real in spite of their supernatural origins, and her plot is fast-paced and original. Kadenshar's transition from unfeeling demon to lover will make readers sigh.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay