Image of Say My Name: A Novel


Image of Say My Name: A Novel

This page-turning story of passion, self-exploration and the sometimes thin line between right and wrong will ignite the hearts and minds of readers. With palpable chemistry between the two main characters, this novel manages to be incredibly romantic, pensive and down-to-earth all at once.

Spending her free time exploring secondhand shops, Eve searches for beauty in the forgotten. On one of her more successful explorations, Eve runs into an old friend and his 28 year-old musician son, yielding a surprising spark. Eve is immediately drawn to the magic that he radiates, and he is just as captivated by her. Torn between rote loyalty to her crumbling, loveless marriage and the thrill of the unknown, Eve allows herself to walk the edge between the two worlds. When the spark becomes a raging fire, Eve's life is turned upside-down, revealing sides of herself she never anticipated possible and the most unexpected path toward happiness. (MIRA, Jan., 304 pp., $26.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kaitlyn Kelly