Readers who need more of Kenner’s racy, sizzling Stark novels will delight in this new series, set in the same decadent, lavish world. This determined, troubled heroine’s inability to be honest with herself and with her hero grows increasingly frustrating, but Kenner has crafted a hero whose compassion is remarkable, and who is strong enough not only to apologize and to change, but to offer her the kind of love she wants and needs, as well. There are a number of troubling scenes in this book that will be challenging for readers, but fans of dark, intense and emotionally scorching romances will surely adore this series opener.

Sylvia Brooks isn’t going to let anything stand in the way of her first exclusive real estate development, even if it means asking for help from the one man she vowed never to think of again. Jackson Steele has become one of the most famous, desired architects in the U.S., but it isn’t enough to drive the memory of Sylvia, and her desertion, out of his mind. If he is going to agree to her request, she is going to have to submit to each and every one of his desires. (BANTAM, Apr., 336 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown