Image of Scandal with a Sinful Scot (Men of Wollstonecraft Hall Book 2)


Image of Scandal with a Sinful Scot (Men of Wollstonecraft Hall Book 2)

Aside from the blatant mention of dates, there is no other evidence to support this tale as taking place in the 1800s. All of the characters and events could easily work in the present. With two storylines occurring at the same time, the romance easily takes center stage. This leaves the secondary storyline feeling somewhat out of place. The second story is continued from one of the previous books in the Men of Wollstonecraft Hall series, and readers should be sure to read it as a whole. This tale was longer than it needed to be as there were many times when the same sentiments were frequently reiterated which made the story drag in some places. Overall, however, this story is an easy read with sensual scenes and an admirable bond among a family of men.

In 19th century England, Garrett Wollstonecraft believes that his family is cursed; any woman that finds herself in love with a man in his family is either harmed or dies. As a result of the curse, he has shut himself off to the idea of marriage even though he fell in love with Abigail Hughes at the age of 18. Once he realized he loved her, Garrett broke things off and left Abigail heartbroken and unknowingly pregnant. Fourteen years later, she comes back into his life with their daughter Megan in tow. With their feelings stronger than ever, Abigail works on learning to trust again while Garrett has to decide whether to continue to allow the curse to rule his life. (LYRICAL PRESS, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner