Science Fiction Book Reviews

Image of The Privilege of Peace (Peacekeeper)

The dormant sheet of plastic that Torin Kerr and her team found is suddenly thrust back into the spotlight when Presit, who is now running for... Read More

Image of The Wolves of Winter: A Novel

For seven years, 23-year-old Gwendolynn McBride has lived in the remote Yukon with only a handful of friends and family. Self-sufficient and good... Read More

Image of Adrift

In the future, humanity has discovered how to utilize wormholes to travel and colonize space hundreds of light years from Earth. After the war... Read More

Rita struggles with the emotional aspect of dealing with Miriam, who wrestles with the same, as Rita returns from Time Line Three to Time Line Two... Read More

Humanity has set up colonies in space but there is a price to pay for life on alien soil. The creation of bots that completely mimic human... Read More

Image of Binti: The Night Masquerade

Having returned from her year at Uni, Binti’s vision ceremony and discoveries about the history of her family leave her far from home when the war... Read More

Image of Artificial Condition: The Murderbot Diaries

Now that the only humans who know about the rogue SecUnit that’s dubbed itself Murderbot have, unexpectedly, freed it instead of turning it in,... Read More

Image of Black Star Renegades

Cade Sura is not well-versed in being in the spotlight; he's spent his whole life living in the shadow of his older brother, Tristan, simply... Read More

Image of Afterwar

The surrender has been signed to end the United States’ second civil war, but for the partisans and prisoners who survived the horrors of the war... Read More

Image of Sinless (Eye of the Beholder)

Beautiful Grace Luther leads a blessed life. Born into a world where morality is signified by physical beauty, she's a portrait of good: pretty,... Read More

Oichi is a shapeshifter, a ghost, a body snatcher, a doppelganger. She must be, in order to infiltrate the clans and upload the program left to... Read More

Image of The Will to Battle: Book 3 of Terra Ignota

After hundreds of years of peace, guided by technological and social revolutions that have changed the shape and direction of mankind, humanity is... Read More

Image of 84K

In a future Britain where human rights have been suspended and the government has been replaced by a singular Company, Theo Miller works in the... Read More

Dispatched from Earth to find information to defeat an unknown space-faring race that threatens, only three of the 16 crew survive to awake after... Read More

Image of Ascendant (Genesis Fleet, The)

Three years after their first defense of Glenlyon, former fleet officer Rob Geary and former Marine Mele Darcy find themselves once again tasked... Read More

Image of Weave a Circle Round: A Novel

When the new neighbors in the strange house next door enter Freddy’s life with a crash, she and her little sister Mel and stepbrother Roland are... Read More

Nine years after millions of humans were wiped out in an alien purge, humans Rose Franklin, Vincent Couture and Eva Reyes return to Earth. But the... Read More

Shadow Sun Seven continues Spencer Ellsworth's Starfire Trilogy, following the reluctant heroes of A Red Peace as they head out on the run from... Read More

Image of One Way

Xenosystems Operations has won the contract to colonize Mars and wants to do it on the cheap. Since XO also operates for-profit prisons in the... Read More

Image of Darkness Falling: Andromedan Dark: Book Two

Four billion years in the future, the spaceship Tellus Ad Astra comes in contact with the alien planet Ki. Living in the rings around the planet... Read More

Image of Wonderblood: A Novel
King Michael, obsessed with knowing the date the space shuttles will return to Cape Canaveral and take them all to the heavens, doesn’t realize... Read More

Rudolfo’s son Jakob has been kidnapped. Rudolfo’s plan for revenge includes poisoning the entirety of his enemies, and all responsible. His wife,... Read More

Image of Void Black Shadow (The Voidwitch Saga)
Mars Xi might be a telekinetically powerful voidwitch, but that doesn’t prevent the forces of the Empire’s secret science MEPHISTO division from... Read More
Image of Valiant Dust: Breaker of Empires, Book 1

Though raised as a prince at home, Lieutenant Sikander Singh North knows that, in order to succeed in his new position as gunnery officer aboard... Read More

Damian Ward knows that the Federals will return to Haven after their failure to stop the rebellion with an experienced army that Haven’s own... Read More
Image of Beyond the Empire (The Indranan War)

Upon the murder of her sisters (and heirs to the throne), foul-mouthed princess-turned-gunrunner Hail Bristol was called back to her homeland to... Read More

Image of Head On: A Novel of the Near Future (Lock in)
After an athlete dies under mysterious circumstances right in the middle of gameplay, FBI agents Chris Shane and Leslie Vann are called in to... Read More
Image of Jade City (The Green Bone Saga)

Kekon is the only place where pure jade, which endows certain individuals to develop Green Bone superpowers, is found. Once the island country’s... Read More

Image of If Tomorrow Comes: Book 2 of the Yesterday's Kin Trilogy

Dr. Marianne Jenner is travelling to World to reconnect with her son Noah, one of a handful of Terrans who left earth a decade ago to live on the... Read More

Image of The Rift Frequency (The Rift Uprising Trilogy)

Ryn — and a reluctant Levi — jump into the rift in search of Ezra and the information contained on the computer he stole from the Allied Rift... Read More

Image of The Feed: A Novel

In a not-too-distant future, the Feed connects everyone, thanks to a biotech implant that records every image, memory and emotion. It has become... Read More

Following the plague that turned humanity into crazed, feral beasts, the Krakau arrived on Earth, decided to repair the humans they could and put... Read More

This novel is an ambitious adventure following Minh, a scientist working on surface rehabilitation projects on a future Earth wracked with climate... Read More

It's been seven years since the Atargatis and all its passengers were lost at sea, but the tragedy didn't exactly inspire worldwide mourning. In... Read More

Image of The Warrior Within

Karsman, while picking through his meager breakfast, gets a visit from a friend and fellow townsman who insists Karsman go and meet three... Read More

Olympia Knife is the daughter of eccentric trapeze artists. She is part of a traveling circus, operating at the turn of the twentieth century. She... Read More

Image of Gunpowder Moon
For Caden Dechert, chief of U.S. mining operations near the Sea of Tranquility, the gunpowder smell on the moon reminds him of his military... Read More
Image of Artemis: A Novel

Artemis takes the reader away from Earth and to the eponymous lunar colony. Jazz is a delivery person eking out an existence supplemented... Read More

Image of The Gone World
NCIS agent Shannon Moss is part of an elite team that the US Navy has kept secret. Traveling to possible futures, Shannon hopes to find clues... Read More
Image of Steal the Stars: A Novel

Steal the Stars tells the story of an ill-advised office romance that begins in a shadowy government facility. Dak Prentiss, the tough-as-nails... Read More

In the opener to the Donovan trilogy, Earth is ruled by a corporation which colonized a distant but habitable planet called Donovan. After years... Read More
Image of Dark Web Rising

Stewart Breston inadvertently shifts from productive citizen to criminal. When a hacker attacks a chat room he created, Stewart shuts them down,... Read More

Image of Starfire: Memory's Blade (The Starfire Trilogy)
Memory's Blade picks up immediately where the last book left off, with Araskar protecting the refugees of the planet they broke into, and Jaqi... Read More
Image of Victorious Dead: The Asarlaí Wars Book Two (Volume 2)

Following the space battle and sacrifice made by Vas’ second in command, Deven, Vas and her crew have been laying low knowing the government is... Read More

Semiosis tells a story of first contact, survival and cooperation spanning a century on the planet Pax.... Read More
Brilliant fifth grader Dabeet longs to leave his controlling mother and attend Fleet School to pursue his goal of becoming a space explorer and... Read More
Image of Into the Fire (Vatta's Peace)
Ky Vatta has only just managed to escape from Mikland, where her shuttle crashed. In the process of... Read More
Navy Commander Aleister Lanoe and his small team have gone through hell and out the other side twice: first when they defeated the robot drone... Read More

Nemo Rising continues the story told in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, following up with the infamous Captain Nemo as he sits in federal prison... Read More

Image of Provenance
Combining coming-of-age elements, space opera themes and the energy of a heist thriller, Provenance tells the story of Ingray Aughskold as she... Read More