Image of A Second Chance


Image of A Second Chance

Goring’s charming novella is about second chances (of course) and about trusting God and his timing for everything — even on one’s absolute worst day. It opens with an interesting premise of a conditional inheritance that will catch readers’ interest. The doubts and struggles that the main characters go through feel real and relatable. The secondary characters are likable and add to the story as they try to encourage the characters to get together. If you are looking for a light but enjoyable contemporary inspirational read, this is a good choice.

News reporter Traci Hightower is having quite a string of bad luck. First, her fiancé left her for her best friend on the day of their wedding. Then she found out that she is going to be let go from her job because of cuts, but Traci really needs her job to help pay off debts incurred from her non-wedding. And then there’s the stipulation in her grandfather’s will that she’s still trying to wrap her head around. When Traci meets Marc Roberts, she starts to believe that things might just be looking up for her. But will things get worse before they get better? (WINGED PUBLICATIONS, Feb., 154 pp., $6.73)

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch