Image of On Second Thought: A Novel


Image of On Second Thought: A Novel

Higgins’ latest tour de force is a captivating read about two sisters dealing with love, loss and new beginnings. What sets this book apart is how one event changes both women's lives. Kate is refreshingly frank in her inner monologue, and Ainsley is charmingly self-aware and wry. Both voices are distinct, and every relationship in the book develops authentically. By alternating the narration of the story, Higgins ensures Ainsley and Kate's bond never feels forced or contrived.

Ainsley O'Leary was ready to spend the rest of her life with the man she considered to be the love of her life. What she wasn't expecting was for him to dump her, or for his breakup blog post to go viral. With nowhere else to go, Ainsley turns to her older sister Kate, who is dealing with the sudden loss of her husband. As Kate and Ainsley learn to move on from their personal tragedies, they bond over shared struggles and new possibilities in love. (HQN, Jan., 448 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Aarthi Devanathan