As one can only expect from Leigh, book three of Scarlet Falls is completely engaging from beginning to end and will prevent you from getting any sleep. This novel is a terrific whodunit tale with unexpected plot twists and a touch of romance to soften the edges. This one will keep readers guessing as they race toward the finish line hoping for answers.

Wildlife biologist Mac Barrett returns to Scarlet Falls once he learns his father is dying. Sadly, he passes before Mac arrives. Mac plans on spending time at his cabin to grieve, but en route he crashes and loses consciousness trying to avoid a naked woman in the road. When he awakens, she’s gone. Police detective Stella Dane finds his story unbelievable, but is interested when his description of the body matches a missing woman. Stella and Mac race against time as they try to unearth the killer, but discover there is more danger to endure when they receive a message that hits a little too close to home. (MONTLAKE, Jul., 346 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi