Image of A Secret Courage (The London Chronicles)


Image of A Secret Courage (The London Chronicles)

Goyer’s latest transports the reader back in time in this non-traditional World War II novel that focuses on photographic reconnaissance plans, a little-known but vital part of the war effort. International intrigue, courageous women and multiple POVs combine. The horrors and fears of the time are expertly detailed, courtesy of Goyer’s historical knowledge and storytelling abilities. This is the first installment in The London Chronicles.

American Emma Hanson is doing her part in the war effort by joining the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, stationed at Danesfield House in London. She, along with other women, are part of a secret unit designed to decode the Germans’ secrets via photographs. Will Fleming has been hired to track Nazi spies, and his path intersects with Emma’s. He uses her to get on the inside of Danesfield, which appears to be a target, and he realizes that she is in danger. Can Will uncover who is behind the plot, if one truly exists? How will Emma react when she discovers that Will is not who he claims to be? (HARVEST HOUSE, Apr., 304 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee