Image of See Her Run (Aloa Snow)


Image of See Her Run (Aloa Snow)

In the first book of the Aloa Snow series, Townsend opens with an athlete literally running to her death — then it’s ruled a suicide. See Her Run is fast paced with many surprising twists that make this a page-turner. When you think you know who the killer is, this book will prove you wrong, building up the mystery and leaving you on the edge of your seat until everything comes crashing down at the conclusion. See Her Run is truly a novel you will not want to miss.

Aloa Snow is a former well-known investigative reporter who made a mistake when her mom was dying in the hospital; now she can not find a job to save her house. Michael, the young boy Aloa's family took in after his father killed the rest of his family, is now a big shot and needs Aloa to help him with a case the police have deemed a suicide. The last thing Aloa wants is to hear from the boy who stole her heart and disappeared without a word for 10 years. The paycheck is the only reason Aloa agrees to jump headfirst into a dangerous investigation that the police tried to cover up. Will she be able to save herself? Or will she end up silenced like the girl she is investigating? (THOMAS & MERCER, Jun., 268 pp., $15.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jenny Falcone