Seeking Sarah immediately captures the reader’s imagination with questions such as: Who is Sarah? Where is she? Who’s seeking her, and why? Billingsley enthralls with a tale of love, loss and lies. She ingenuously shows the net cast over the gulf between grief and reconciliation. As the elaborate alibi surrounding Sarah’s absence from her daughter’s life is buried, the roller-coaster of emotions the characters experience is palpable. Redemption is evasive as more than two decades of prayers collide with a fresh perspective on truth. The first-person point of view channels the whirlpool that spins Sarah’s daughter out of control. Seeking Sarah is a remarkable and transparent portrayal of the face of revenge masked by a desire for healing.

Brooke Green is in love again despite her reservations. But when her father dies suddenly, she’s convinced that everyone she loves dies. The day of her father’s funeral, her grandmother delivers a bombshell. Sarah, the mother she’s been grieving almost her whole life, is alive. While this news is shattering, Brook’s grief thermometer boils when she discovers the woman who abandoned her is thriving in Atlanta with a new family. Brooke is hell-bent on destroying Sarah’s contentment, even if it means betraying her own fiancé by seducing Sarah’s unsuspecting husband. A once well-intentioned secret becomes a landmine as Brooke crosses one line too many. (GALLERY, Aug., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton