Image of Shadow Keeper (A Shadow Riders Novel)


Image of Shadow Keeper (A Shadow Riders Novel)

It’s back to the shadowy underworld of the Ferraro family who use their unique shadow riding abilities to deliver their brand of justice. The third installment in the Shadow Riders series features Giovanni Ferraro, who after nearly dying after being shot, is forced to have metal pins in his leg to help with the healing. Unfortunately, the presence of the metal in his body means that Giovanni can’t currently ride the shadows. Giovanni is infamous for being a bad boy, but he doesn’t know what hit him after meeting up with Sasha Provis. Their relationship is at times touching and searingly sexy which is quite thrilling to read! Feehan’s ability to deliver outstanding stories across multiple series places her in a category all her own!

Frustrated that he currently can’t ride the shadows, Giovanni is stuck making sure the public and media is focused on him, while other family members carry out the family business. Then one night at their nightclub, Giovanni becomes hyper aware of new waitress, Sasha Provis. Something about Sasha resonates with Giovanni, but she is not interested after overhearing a crude, overly macho conversation. However, when some drunk patrons attack her, Sasha is grateful when Giovanni intervenes. Despite her earlier disgust with Giovanni, Sasha begins to see him in a new light. Still Sasha must work multiple jobs to pay for her beloved brother’s care facility, so she has no time for romance. The more Giovanni learns about Sasha, the more interested he becomes … for this woman is no pushover and may just be his perfect match. (BERKLEY, Jun., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith