Image of Shadow Reaper (A Shadow Riders Novel)


Image of Shadow Reaper (A Shadow Riders Novel)

Revenge is the theme that flows throughout the second book in the amazing Feehan’s Shadow Riders series. The originality and complex world-building that infuses each of Feehan’s different series always ensures that readers are swept up in the passion and peril that flourishes in her stories. Misplaced guilt also haunts both protagonists as they are forced to face events from the past. You know you can always lose yourself in one of Feehan’s books!

A high speed car accident leaves billionaire and shadow rider Ricco Ferraro feeling lucky to be alive. Ricco’s four brothers and one sister are angry and worried about him — Ricco knows something failed in the car, but was it sabotage? He trained as a shadow rider in Japan, and Ricco hopes his past is not coming back to haunt him. While he is recuperating, Ricco agrees to practice Shibari and photograph his art at his house. To do this Ricco needs a rope model, but finding one he feels a connection with won’t be easy. He had all but given up when a mysterious woman shows up for an interview, who Ricco immediately recognizes as another shadow rider. She would be the perfect subject for rope art, but is she here as a model … or an assassin? (JOVE, Jun., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith