Image of Sharing Body Heat


Image of Sharing Body Heat

Stranded in a snow-bound cabin after a nasty breakup with her ex… It sounds too corny to be intriguing, but surprise! This novella packs a lot of content and character development into a short space, and the connection that develops is very entertaining and realistic. This is one engrossing short story that requires a follow-up!

Lauren has been betrayed by her fiancé, and with her sister no less! She decides to rent a cabin to lick her wounds. When she arrives, she finds the very naked Reid all moved in. It turns out that she’s in the wrong cabin, but the weather has turned and it could be dangerous to try to relocate. As it happens, Lauren and Reid are more than an even match, and the couple spends a fiery weekend getting to know each other. When their time together ends, Lauren returns to her office to meet the new corporate CEO who has just bought out the cosmetics company where she works. And not so shocking… Reid is her new boss! (CARINA, dl $1.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins