Image of A Sharp Solitude: A Novel of Suspense (Glacier Mystery Series)


Image of A Sharp Solitude: A Novel of Suspense (Glacier Mystery Series)

Carbo returns to Montana and the breathtaking beauty of Glacier National Park! In the fourth novel in the Glacier Mystery series, the focus shifts away from Monty Harris to a different investigator, Ali Paige. Fans of the park ranger who anchored the previous three books in this series need not worry, Monty — and Gretchen — do get some page time, but Ali’s own personally-driven investigation is compelling enough to draw new fans as well. Carbo skillfully combines the tension and starkness of the wilderness with complex and layered characters. The first-person narrative, alternating between Ali and her ex-boyfriend Reeve, adds to the dimensionality of both the plot and their authentically flawed characters. The details of the crime are revealed in well-paced layers, though the flow of the story itself does get a little bogged down in places. Ultimately, Carbo keeps readers guessing as she leads up to a resolution that does not disappoint.

FBI agent Ali Paige is stunned when her ex-boyfriend (and the father of her daughter), Reeve Landon, calls to tell her he’s been arrested and asks her to take care of his beloved tracking dog McKay for a while. Although the murder he’s been accused of is not in Ali’s jurisdiction, she uses her position and familiarity with the assigned investigators to snoop around, digging up details about the journalist who was killed. As Reeve’s past trauma becomes a factor in the case being built against him, he disappears into the wilderness and Ali knows the time for her to discover the truth is running out. (ATRIA, Jun., 368 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Carrie Townsend