Image of The Shattered Vigil (The Darkwater Saga)


Image of The Shattered Vigil (The Darkwater Saga)

Carr stays true to form in the second installment of The Darkwater Saga, leading readers further into the mysteries surrounding the Darkwater Forest. Carr grips readers from the very beginning, creating suspense that doesn't let go. Readers are fascinated by Willet and empathize with his struggle in doing what is right when the path is not clear, and every way he turns is filled with danger. Well timed, surprising and intense, this book does not disappoint.

Willet is almost finished examining the minds of those taken over by the Darkwater during the feast of Bas-solas and is looking forward to having a rest. He is worn down and worn out, and the Vigil is concerned with his health. However before he finishes, he is attacked by a mysterious and surprising creature, a vanishing assassin. On top of this, one of the members of the Vigil is missing and there is dispute about his motives. The Vigil is separated and hidden for their safety, however Willet escapes and goes on the run — hunting the source of the assassins and trying to end the evil of the Darkwater for good. (BETHANY HOUSE, Nov., 464 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Frobisher